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Contactless NFC Portable Reader/Writer - SCL3711

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SCL3711 has a small form factor to make it the optimal NFC reader and writer for mobile usage. Plug it into your laptop to instantly upgrade your machine with NFC capability! It has no removable parts, so no worries about losing caps or parts. The antenna design has been perfected to maximize read range with such a small device. It’s support of multiple contactless protocols including all of the NFC Forum Tag types provides peace of mind and simplifies your contactless projects. In short…”it just works”. It will work with contactless applications such as electronic ID, payment, couponing, loyalty, and public transportation schemes and to interact with NFC-enabled phones and devices

Contactless NFC Portable Reader - SCL3711

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  • Contactless NFC Portable Reader - SCL3711
With its functional solid mechanical design and no removable parts to lose, the SCL3711 is perfect for mobile/portable uses. The dimensions of the reader have been optimized to ensure the best Radio Frequency performance possible with such a slim form factor. Typical Applications A state-of-the-art multi-protocol feature set qualifies the SCL3711 to be used in a wide range of applications, including payment, loyalty and ID schemes, or to enable devices with NFC connectivity. The SCL3711 can be supported by middleware that resides above the PC/SC API and offers better portability of applications and abstraction of smart card related details that need to be handled by applications developed on top of the PC/SC API. Product Features: Multi-protocol 13.56MHz contactless reader: ISO14443 type A & B MIFARE FeliCa™ NFC Peer-to-peer communication PC/SC compliant