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  • Google NFC Tags - Type 1 (80 x 50mm)
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Google NFC Tags - Type 1 (80 x 50mm)

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Our Google Type 1 tag has 512 bytes of memory. It is fully printed with Google artwork. We use PET label material and acrylic adhesive to offer a highly durable tag meeting the challenges each market demands.

Google NFC Tags - Type 1 (80 x 50mm)

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  • Google NFC Tags - Type 1 (80 x 50mm)
  • Google NFC Tags - Type 1 (80 x 50mm)
  • ISO / IEC 14443 Type A modulation scheme; Topaz 512 chip; Passive RFID 13.56MHz
  • Read and Write Operation: One time programmable (OTP) and write once read many(WORM) operation; 106 kbit/s communication speed; fast write speed; data communication protected by 16 bit CRC; EEPROM read write in 57 blocks of 8 bytes each; 7 byte UID; 456 bytes of user read write memory
  • Tag Size: 80x50mmR3; Antenna Inlay: 76x45mm; Overall Thickness: ~400,m
  • Materials: Al etched Antenna; PET substrate; Label: White PET with Google NFC Artwork Printing; Adhesive: Acrylic Liner: White Glassine
  • Storage Life: Desiccated condition (15°C~25°C, 40~60%RH) 2 Years
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ +70oC, 40~60%RH
  • Samsung TecTiles™ compatible. Will also work with all other NFC phones such as Nokia, HTC, LG, Blackberry, Sony.