Identive NFC

NFC Use Cases

The sky is the limit with NFC. There are many use cases and ways to utilize this amazing technology and we have listed the most common below. The bottom line is that NFC makes a lot of things much more convenient, quicker and fun. We will be adding use cases frequently so make sure to stop by again.

Please note all use cases require a NFC enabled phone find NFC phones here and some NFC tags - buy them with us here.

URL / Website Link

The most simple use case: encode a URL onto a tag to take the person tapping the tag to the website you want. We, for one, have coded some tags with to raise awareness of our offering. You can of course also link to subsections of a website, so will lead anyone that taps the tag to the custom tag section of our website. If you want to link to one of those pages that has address that is way too long, you might want to use a shortening service like Bitly to shorten the address as the memory on the chip you are using might not be big enough. A URL is a popular function with so called smart posters, used in advertisement. Our tags can be attached and thus made the base of a smart poster, no problem.

We suggest using these logos with this use case:

Social Media Connection (Facebook, Foursquare, Google+, Twitter – you name it)

The applications with possibly the highest potential in our eyes. If you run a bar (or any other place that has customers and customer traffic really) this is the ideal function for you. You could place tags with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google+ and any other social media logo at your location and make it easy for anybody swinging by to follow, like or check-in with you. The benefits of using a tag versus hoping that the visitors will do it by themselves are as obvious as they are simple: no opening of apps and searching for the "right one" to like, follow etc. By touching the tags, visitors will either get an instant choice of checking in, following or liking or they will be brought to you (i.e. your page on the respective social media). Easy and quick and with a great impact possibly. We will be adding these encoding functions to our custom tag options soon; in the meantime you can still have your tags printed with any social media icon you like and encode yourself. Check out the nice selection of logos we have for our custom tags.

We suggest using these logos with this use case:

Video Link

A sub category of above really. Just as a tag can link to a specific website or page, it can of course also link to a video, say on YouTube. Nice if you are specifically proud of something you have recently posted or if you have a great video ad for a product you would like to endorse or promote.

SMS / Text Message

Want someone to send you a specific message at a specific point in time, say when that someone is at a specific place? Pick this function. You can program the tag with any mobile number and with a predefined text to be sent to that number when the tag is tapped. We like to use this with a tag next to our entrance door so when our visiting parents get back to our place they can simply tap the tag and hit send and we know they are back at the flat and same would go the other way if we were a little younger. You could also use this to have people send you a call-back request when you are not where you should be. We have a tag in our office and when someone swings by and we are not there, they can tap the tag and we will receive a message stating "pls call back". In a business environment, you could use this kind of tag to have someone opt-in for more information through SMS/text messages.*

*Unless you are on an unlimited texting plan, standard texting charges will apply, including roaming charges if the destination phone number encoded in the chip is outside of the country the tag is being tapped in or the user is on a plan foreign to the destination number

We suggest using these logos with this use case:

Execute Call

This is handy, too. You can leave a tag at a specific location so that a phone automatically dials your (or any other) number as soon as they tap the tag. The purpose of this can be a call because you are not present where one would expect you to be present as much as it can be an emergency number that you might forget. You could place a tag at a prominent location in your flat or business for people to tap if they are in a certain kind of trouble, especially if they are likely not to know or to remember the important number. This could also help your granny to call you more easily. No more looking through the phone, simply tap the tag and hit "call"! Or think take-away and have some nice stickers or NFC fridge magnets made with the number of your joint. This way, when your customers are craving your treats again, they can simply tap the tag with your logo and you will be answering in no time – if you are there of course.

*Unless you are on an unlimited voice plan, standard call charges will apply, including roaming charges if the destination phone number you have encoded in the chip is outside of the country the tag is being tapped in or the user is on a plan foreign to the destination number

We suggest using these logos with this use case:

Make Calendar Entry (vCalendar)

A nice function if you are advertising a certain event and you want people to remember that event. You encode the details of the event onto the tag and when tapped, the owner of the phone tapping will have a calendar entry created with those details on the spot. No need to remember the location or start time for a later entry. Use this for recurring events as well as one-time prime events.

We suggest using these logos with this use case:

Share Contact / Business Card (vCard)

This is useful application and it isn’t for business only. Not only does it save you the time and money to always have enough business cards around but it also saves whomever you want to give your contact details to from having to input all you phone numbers and email addresses into their address book, either on the spot or at home. Code the tag with your contact details (and only those you want to give away) and as soon as the tag is tapped, your future business partner or buddy can add your details to his phone's contacts. As simple as a high five.

We suggest using these logos with this use case:

Mailto / Trigger Mail

Great function to get someone to send you a quick mail and to make it easy for that person to send you that mail. Want someone to subscribe to your newsletter or to your blog? Want to get some feedback on an event or on a product on the spot? This is the function you want. You can set the email address of the person or team you want the mail to go to, you can set the subject line info and you can even set a predefined mail text like "I am in! Please send me the newsletter."

We suggest using these logos with this use case:

Bluetooth Pairing

A handy use for all out there that are tired to go through the sometimes cumbersome process of pairing devices via Bluetooth. Simply enter the MAC-address and the PIN-code of the device you want a mobile to connect to and Bob is your uncle. This could be for some nice Bluetooth speakers or for a headset as well as any other device that a mobile phone might want to interact with.

We suggest using these logos with this use case:

WiFi Connection

One of our favorites. Remember last time your friend came over and wanted to connect to your WiFi? Right. You had either picked a real tricky code to remember or the 16 digit number was simply a pain to enter on your device. Well how about simply sticking a custom tag in your entrance area and when your future visitors want to connect to the wireless you simply have them tap the tag and they’re in.

We suggest using these logos with this use case:

Plain Text / Show Message

Only want to leave a message on a tag with no other functionality? Go for this option then. You could either have a permanent statement like "John Doe lives here" or you could have changing messages to your special other whenever you want to say something nice (or not so nice for that matter). This could also be your Reminder Tag that you program every night before going to bed so you know that you needed to remember to take the laundry out of the washing machine before you head of to work. Never mind, program it for your partner. The use cases with this option are as simple as they are endless.

We suggest using these logos with this use case:

Empty Memory

Well, no really much to say here. You obviously know what you want to do with the tag best and you don’t want us to know so we gladly leave it up to you. So go for this option if you have more or different ideas and functions and/or you would like to encode yourself. If you are looking for big bulk tag orders above 100k tags? Let us know by contacting us.

We suggest using these logos with this use case:


As we highlighted in the use cases, chip sizes can sometimes come in the way of your plans. When ordering with us, we will make sure the right tag is chosen for your application, so you don’t have to worry about this.